Summer Sang in Me at Strange Loop Gallery NYC

Katrina del Mar, Summer Sang in Me

March 7- March 28, 2014

Opening Reception, Friday March 7th, 2014 6-9pm

Strange Loop Gallery 27 Orchard Street New York, New York


From March 7 – March 28, 2014 Strange Loop Gallery is proud to present Summer Sang in Me, a solo exhibition featuring photographs, videos and ‘zines by New York-based artist Katrina del Mar.

‘Summer Sang In Me’ is a compilation of Katrina del Mar’s intimate photographic and video portraits of lovers, ex lovers, close friends and beautiful strangers. Entwined with self-portraits and elemental landscapes, these images map out the semi-fictional road trip of her life.  In no particular order Del Mar is an artist, photographer, human being, lover. Her style is realistic /romantic; messy at times, tactile, beautiful, and gritty. Her pictures are foremost captured with a taste and passion for life in general, and for women in all their individuality of beauty and power in particular.

Reading like an unbound, semi-fictive yet very personal journal, the images, video clips and ‘zines make up a story of restlessness, a study in fascination verging on obsession. The insistent drive to hold onto remnants of people so as not to lose their memory results in a type of souvenir collecting of a most personal nature, and a longer temporal narrative emerges which sees participants striding in and out of the story sometimes once, sometimes many times. This exhibition serves up a softer, more romantic side of del Mar’s work, although the tough girl aesthetic clearly shines on in a series of images of planned bruises and fight-club aftermath, where tough girls proudly display evidence of their damage alongside evidence of unbridled lust.

“Katrina Del Mar has been active in underground film, photography and erotic fiction for two decades, and her vision is as transcendent as it is transgressive.” – Carlo McCormick, Photograph Magazine

“Any effort to map Katrina Del Mar’s cross-genre oeuvre within the contemporary art or film worlds would run the risk of missing its epic nature.” – Jenifer P Borum


Katrina del Mar is a New York-based photographer, video artist and award-winning film director. Her work has been described as “beautiful” exuding an “intimate chemistry” and also as “filth of the highest quality.”  Katrina herself has been described as a “major league cutie,”  “a wild woman,” “the Lesbian Russ Meyer,” and “apparently, the lesbian stepchild of Kenneth Anger.”
 Her solo exhibition GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS was presented in January 2013 at Participant Inc. in New York. Her solo exhibition, Gangs of New York was presented in 2010 at Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto, Portugal. Invited to teach at the University of the Arts in Bremen, Germany, she conducted the first ever “Queer Trash Feminist Film Workshop,” also in 2010. In 2012, she presented a series of films and photographs from the Golden Age of Performance Art (1988-2000 with Dona Ann McAdams, On the Edge of Society: Moments in Live Art, at Warehouse 9, Copenhagen, Denmark. Her work has shown at Deitch Projects, NY; Museum for Contemporary Art (CAPC), Bordeaux, France; American Fine Arts Company, NY; Binz 39, Zurich, Switzerland; Bass Museum of Art, Miami; Miami Light Project; P.S.122, NY; FabLab, Berlin; and the University of Cardiff, Wales.

Her first film, Gang Girls 2000, shot entirely on super 8mm film, received a four and a half star review in Film Threat magazine, among other glowing reviews, inviting comparisons to the legendary Kenneth Anger. The follow up, Surf Gang, about a gang of women surfers from Rockaway Beach, landed del Mar a fellowship in video from the New York Foundation for the Arts, “Best Experimental Film” from the Planet Out Short Movie Awards announced at the Sundance Film Festival 2006, and was screened at the Museum for Contemporary Art (CAPC), Bordeaux, France.

Her latest film project, Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever, completes the Girl Gang Trilogy and was the recipient of the 2010 Accolade Award of Merit. Recent screenings include Girl Gang Trilogy, Nightingale Cinema, co-presented by Chicago Underground Film Festival, 2012; Super 8 Film Portraits, curated by Stephanie Gray, Millennium Film Workshop, NY, 2012; Surf Gang (excerpt), Sound & Light, and winner of Juried Competition, Schoolhouse Gallery, Provincetown, MA, 2012; Girl Gang Trilogy, Fringe Film Festival, London, UK, 2012; and Girl Gang Trilogy, Bio Paradis, Reykjavik, Iceland, 2012.






Provincetown International Film Fest presents Girl Gang Trilogy

Yes, I am going BACK to Provincetown so I can be at the Provincetown International Film Festival @ AMP to present my films Friday June 21!

Friday, JUNE 21 4pm The Girl Gang Trilogy screens at the Provincetown International Film Festival. Screening will be at AMP Art Market Provincetown 148 Commercial Street among the GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exhibition. Later that night I plan to be at the festival party at Schoolhouse Gallery where I also have work hanging in a group photography show, the photo of Tessa Lou Fix that won the Juried Competition in 2012. Happy & proud to have work hanging there with my friends and major talents Alice O’Malley and Gail Thacker. If you’re in Ptown already, see the films of Diane Bonder they’re screening this afternoon, also at AMP. This Visual Arts screening program was supported by a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts. I feel that much closer to the blush of artistic success. Do I get to put an NEA grant on my C.V. now? Even though I didn’t get any actual coin? -KdM

Provincetown International Film Festival Catalog 2013 Girl Gang Trilogy Screening

Provincetown International Film Festival Catalog 2013 Girl Gang Trilogy Screening


Girl Gang Screening at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway

Girl Gang Trilogy screens at the Dome in Rockaway

Girl Gang Trilogy screens at the Dome in Rockaway

I was so happy to screen the Girl Gang Trilogy at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway last night, along with Filmmaker Rick Charnoski’s Bloodshed, (a heavy metal skateboarder horror flick), and my Super 8mm film portrait of local Rockaway surfer, musician, roughneck-genius Simon Chardiet. In attendance were artists Charlotte G. Choclet, Nina Sweeney, Ed Hush, musicians Simon Chardiet, Veronica Sanchez, drummer & all around badass Kymber Lee, writer/producer Gail Eisenberg, legendary local surfers Alexander Karinsky & his triple crown son Sandon Karinsky, plus my good buddies & portrait subjects Camille Cha Cha & Kara Kolodjiez. Finally, most importantly, the locals of far Rockaway were in attendance: a crew of surfers, skaters, shop owners, home owners, bikers & badasses.
It’s been a really hard winter out there, with so many people’s homes having been nearly or completely destroyed. Rebuilding is still in progress. The point of having the MoMA PS1 Dome is to bring some fun to Rockaway via art and workshops.

What a fun fun night! Organizer / artist Nina Sweeney made some popcorn w saracha and kept everything running really smoothly.

It is gratifying to finally bring a public screening of SURF GANG to Rockaway, since I filmed there in 2003-4. That was before I knew how to surf. Lena Roca from Yoga on the Rocks came up to me and reminded me that we met when I was filming way back then, that I’d said to her, “can I film you surfing? I really want to learn how to surf.” When I started making Surf Gang the only person I personally knew who surfed was Kembra Pfahler, and I begged her to be in my movie. I said, “Kembra pleeeeease, you’re the only person I know who surfs. You gotta be in my surf gang movie.” Thank god she agreed, Kembra’s character ‘Blackie Rockaway’ turns out to be the dramatic underpinning of the whole movie, with her youthful exuberance, her tragic disappearance and her ridiculous, supernatural return.

Vero, Cha Cha, Kara, Rick & I took the afterparty to Drae Campbell’s Prime although Rick understandably bounced after a short while, (he’s a straight dude) we danced for a bit and had a really great party in the cars on the way over. Chinese firedrills and all.

Nina Sweeney & Katrina del Mar show off their huevos with Terence Koh

Nina Sweeney & Katrina del Mar show off their huevos with Terence Koh

Filmmakers Rick Charnoski & Katrina del Mar at Katrina's Girl Gang Trilogy screening at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway

Filmmakers Rick Charnoski & Katrina del Mar at Katrina’s Girl Gang Trilogy screening at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway

Mike Rinzel and Simon Chardiet at the Girl Gang Trilogy screening @ the Dome in Rockaway

Mike Rinzel and Simon Chardiet at the Girl Gang Trilogy screening @ the Dome in Rockaway

Charlotte G Choclet & Katrina del Mar at the Girl Gang Trilogy screening

Charlotte G Choclet & Katrina del Mar at the Girl Gang Trilogy screening

waiting for the night to come

waiting for the night to come

Filmmaker Katrina del Mar at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway

Filmmaker Katrina del Mar at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway

Girl Gang Trilogy After Party at Prime

Girl Gang Trilogy After Party at Prime

From the Press Release:

MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 and Participant Inc. are proud to present a screening of Katrina del Mar’s GIRL GANG TRILOGY of films Saturday May 4th 7-10pm at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome in Rockaway. Comprised of three experimental, narrative, underground films: Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever (HDV/Super 8mm 36 minutes 2010) SURF GANG (DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes 2005), and Gang Girls 2000 (Super 8mm 27 minutes 1999)

The films of the GIRL GANG TRILOGY were all completely independently made but big and ambitious; with large casts and almost mythical themes but firmly planted in a comic, B-Movie, D.I.Y. punk-rock ethos.
“I cast my girlfriends as gang girls, in leather and muscle cars. My armies of girls, in coordinated outfits, are ready to do battle for what they believe in: freedom, new turf, glitter, a good wave, a good ride, their girl gang, their favorite dog. I make films that are unselfconsciously queer, unapologetically feminist; riotous and robustly unkempt.”
Jenifer P. Borum has noted of del Mar’s work: “With each passing year, Del Mar’s New York run by girl gangs becomes more real than the New York that is gradually but undeniably being taken over by banks and transformed into a giant mall. The gritty streets and famous beaches are disappearing fast. Del Mar has captured New York’s last gasp of authenticity, transforming it for eternity. Her world is a place where Blackie, the lost leader of the Rockaway Ruffnecks, can still climb out of the sea and save us.”

Katrina will also be screening a 3 minute Super 8mm film portrait of local Rockaway surfer & guitar player Simon Chardiet.

*Also screening Rick Charnoski’s “Bloodshed” a skateboard horror flick!

Katrina del Mar GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS Participant Inc.

I am so buzzzed, happy & grateful. Sunday night’s opening of GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS at Participant Inc. was packed with lovely people who were happy for me, happy to see one another, & really into the works. Show’s up til Feb 17: Wed-Sun 12-7 Lia Gangitano you are amazing to work with. Nancy Loeber thanks for helping me put those books together. The prints looked gorgeous thanks Carl Saytor of LuxLab! — at PARTICIPANT INC. 253 East Houston Street NY NY 10002

MORE INFO from the press release:

From January 13 – February 17, 2013, PARTICIPANT INC is proud to present GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS, a solo exhibition featuring photographs, videos, and hand-made books by New York-based artist Katrina del Mar.

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Katrina del Mar is perhaps best known for her decades-long work in video and photography, chronicling the reality and illusion of her Lower East Side friends and lovers as punk heroines; or within her girl gang movie world of strictly female population. Creating a family tree indebted equally to B-movies and diaristic photography, del Mar’s defiantly queer photographs and videos are iconic alternatives to the cultural status quo, offering an exuberant, hyper-stylized sexuality, an unapologetic feminist voice, and often guerilla-style production tactics.

Particularly informed by the Greek word ekphrasis, a rhetorical device in which a description of a work becomes the work in and of itself, del Mar has described her practice as operating in a similar exchange: book covers and movie posters come before the books and movies and, in some instances, stand alone. She has noted, “Long after my films are finished, I am writing the novels they should have been based on. I write modern myths set in urban environments.”

With this logic in mind, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS presents an expansive selection of photographic works, beginning with a shelf of handmade pulp fiction paperbacks. Their covers, designed first, become starting points for del Mar’s fictional excursions inside, though some remain empty. On the walls, photographs are grouped into loose narratives. Arcs and archetypes—surfer girls, bike gangs, girls playing in their rooms, bedroom scenes including the artist and others—feature dogs, cars, leather, tattoos. These become fictionalized signifiers of the threat of women’s violence, which the artist, as ringleader, marshals as an active participant. Adding light and color to the powers that urban life has to offer, del Mar creates “…a fantasy that moves from violence to sex rather than vice versa….” (Chicago Reader)

Jenifer P. Borum has noted of del Mar’s work: “These glimpses she gives us are not of marginal inhabitants of our world. Those leather femmes with their dogs. Those pierced, sleeved-out dykes on the street. They look like they’re from the cool neighborhood of the city, but they’re not from here. Like Henry Darger’s In the Realms of the Unreal, del Mar’s world is both epic and dystopian—a fictional reality that seems very much like our own, only with different rules.”

Girl Gang Trilogy Screening in London

Katrina filming Gang Girls 2000 photo by Dayna Frank

SATURDAY, 14th April, 10.45pm
Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE
Buy Tickets

‘None of us can do anything right but we all do it all day long!’

‘None of us can do anything right but we all do it all day long!’ Katrina Del Mar’s explosive Girl Gangs trilogy rolls into Hackney Picture House for a special screening in association with theLondon Rollergirls, who will be bringing a whole lot of attitude, a Q&A and a few derby themed shorts. We watch Del Mar’s lady-loving, leather-clad cast keeping the feminist/punk/DIY spirit alive as they cause an unpredictable ruckus through New York state. Returning from a mysterious accident that left her wheelchair bound, Crank is forced to click up quick when her gang abandons her in ‘Hell On Wheels: Gang Girls Forever!’ Will she get revenge? Two orphan sisters start a turf war on the beach in ‘Surf Gang: Ruffnecks Vs. Ungratefuls’ and four girl gangs clash and rumble through the Lower East Side in ‘Gang Girls 2000.’ Girl-on-girl solidarity lies at the heart of this trilogy. If you can roll with it, you’re in!

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