Katrina del Mar Spring 2013

Hey! Hi! Happy Spring! I just want let you know a lot of stuff is coming up, and I would be happy to see your smiling faces at some of these events. x Katrina

MON-TUES APR 29-30  Girl Gang Trilogy screens at Bard College Monday 5pm. Artist Talk /Screening/ Q&A Tuesday 5pm.

SAT MAY 4 Screening of the Girl Gang Trilogy at MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway Beach

SAT MAY 11 Raw Reels Super 8 Show at Millennium Film Workshop NYC: Katrina del Mar and Stephanie Gray

FRI JUNE 14 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS opening reception at AMP Provincetown MA June 10-July 1st



Super 8 Film Portraits by Katrina del Mar. Eileen Myles / Kara Kolodjiez

Super 8 Film Portraits by Katrina del Mar. Eileen Myles / Kara Kolodjiez

APR 29-30 Girl Gang Trilogy screens at Bard College



The Theater of the Jim Ottaway Jr. Film Center, 55 Blithewood Ave., Bard College, Annandale-On-Hudson, NY 12504

Bard College / joanie4jackie is proud to present the most badass filmmaker we’ve discovered in eons!! 2 days of nonstop girl-sentric kick ass action w/ the one and only Katrina del Mar in person. TELL ALL YOUR FRIENDS.


SAT MAY 4 Screening of the Girl Gang Trilogy at MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 in Rockaway

Rockaway Beach between Beach 94th St. and Beach 95th St. at Shore Front Parkway

MoMA PS1 VW Dome 2 and Participant Inc. are proud to present a screening of Katrina del Mar’s GIRL GANG TRILOGY of films Saturday May 4th 7-10pm at the MoMA PS1 VW Dome in Rockaway. Comprised of three experimental, narrative, underground films, Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever (HDV/Super 8mm 36 minutes 2010) SURF GANG (DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes 2005), and Gang Girls 2000 (Super 8mm 27 minutes 1999) GIRL GANG TRILOGY was completely independently made but big and ambitious; the films have large casts and almost mythical themes while also being firmly planted in a comic, B-Movie, D.I.Y. punk-rock ethos.

“I cast my girlfriends as gang girls, in leather and muscle cars. My armies of girls, in coordinated outfits, are ready to do battle for what they believe in: freedom, new turf, glitter, a good wave, a good ride, their girl gang, their favorite dog. I make films that are unselfconsciously queer, unapologetically feminist; riotous and robustly unkempt.”

Katrina will also be screening a 6 minute Super 8mm film portrait of local Rockaway surfer & guitar player Simon Chardiet.

Also! Short films by Rick Charnoski. (“Deathbowl to Downtown”)

The Slayers. Production Still from Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever

The Slayers. Production Still from Hell on Wheels Gang Girls Forever


SAT MAY 11 Raw Reels Super 8 Show at Millennium Film Workshop: Katrina del Mar and Stephanie Gray

Super 8 Live and in Person with Katrina del Mar and Stephanie Gray
Short Filmic Portraits of People and Places
66 E 4th St (bet Bowery & 2nd Ave), Basement; Admission: $8/$5 Members By Contribution

Millennium Film Workshop presents an evening of super 8 works, screened on real film by long-time film artists Katrina del Mar and Stephanie Gray. Whether through an iconography of the city, queerness, or grrl culture, both artists show an attention to photographic detail of a unique type that can only be captured with the intimacy of super 8 celluloid film, whether in black & white, color, handprocessed or edited in camera. Expect images of lesbian icons (both real and fictional), 90s grrl culture, mysterious portraits of the city and urban folk, and an overall eye for the hidden beauty of people and places that can often go unseen. (TRT of program approx 1.5 hours including reel changes; Gray will present first, then an intermission and then del Mar will present after the break.)

All films are super 8 and will be projected on film.
Katrina del Mar: Intimate Portraits + Raw Reels
del Mar will show an eclectic selection of a recent super 8 “portraits” series including an urban surfer, a dyke motorcycle racer, iconic lesbian writer Eileen Myles, and raw reels, some rarely seen on film, of her classic cult fave grrl gang movies of the late 90s. del Mar, both a filmmaker and photographer, is perhaps best known for her decades-long work in video and photography, chronicling the reality and illusion of her Lower East Side friends and lovers as punk heroines; or within her girl gang movie world of strictly female population. Creating a family tree indebted equally to B-movies and diaristic photography, del Mar’s defiantly queer photographs and videos are iconic alternatives to the cultural status quo, offering an exuberant, hyper-stylized sexuality, an unapologetic feminist voice, and often guerilla-style production tactics.
program (approx 40 min TRT):

Simon: Portrait of an Urban Surfer (6 min, b&w, sound) Simon plays upright bass and surfs at Rockaway Beach.
Kara: Portrait of a Motorcycle Racer (3 min, b&w, sound) Kara races a vintage triumph motorcycle on a flat track in upstate New York.
Eileen: Portrait of a Writer (3 min, b&w, sound) Poet-novelist Eileen Myles writes and reads from a tiny notebook one late summer day in Wellfleet, Mass.
Raw Reels (approx 25 min, b&w/color, no sound) When shooting Gang Girls 2000 in 1999, del Mar shot a roughly ten-to-one ratio of what wound up in the 25 minute final film. A reel or two will be chosen at random from the other 3.5 hours worth of pure late-90’s eye candy: the hottest girls of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, pretending to be in our own version of Faster Pussycat Kill! Kill!
Stephanie Gray: Queer Pop Culturing + City Portraits
Filmmaker – poet Gray will show a selection of urban portraits that show the puzzling unknown of the city in addition to a selection of her queer portraits (some subjective) of lesser (or more, if you know them) pop culture icons such as Kristy McNichol, Joan of Arc and Laverne & Shirley. Some films will be accompanied by live reading or experimental soundtracks.
Magic Couldn’t Save Magic Shoes (7 min, color/b&w, 2011) Magic closed in ‘08 after being in biz since ‘79. No one did handwritten labels like them. When I finally had extra money to buy more Converse, which is mostly all I wear, thinking they’d still be around, even after I filmed it, it was gone. I shot this in Magic’s last week.
Satanic Bible on Interlibrary Loan (9 min, b/w, 2011) The title is a true situation that occurred when I was 15. I was an ardent metal head as a teen. A little while back, I was asked to write a poem for a poetry mag issue with the theme of the occult. The words and then the images, came together, and it all makes sense.
Kristy (7 min, handprocessed b/w, sound, 2003) Digging deep to find Kristy, the only working class girl at a girls’ summer camp in cult classic Little Darlings A faint recognizable 80s hit song is played with skips at the slowest speed. (She’s out now, you know, right?)
Dear Joan (3 min handprocessed b/w, live narration, 1999) A film letter to this heroine as the filmmaker laments the lack of public knowledge of Joan’s real identity, ending in a hissyfit at the library.
Never Heard the Word Impossible (7 min, sound, b/w, 2007) This work uses images from Laverne & Shirley remixed through video layers. What did the L really stand for? All sound is distorted from the theme song.
I Can’t Stop Thinking About Eileen Myles’ School of Fish Poem(3 min, color, live narration, 2002) The filmmaker keeps hearing lines from the poem. The images are inspired visual thoughts of Eileen’s poem.
+ one surprise super recent 3 min film!

FRI JUNE 14 GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS opening reception at AMP Provincetown MA June 10-July 1st


photographs, video/film, and handmade books

“I cast my girlfriends as gang girls, in leather and muscle cars. My armies of girls, in coordinated outfits, are ready to do battle for what they believe in: freedom, new turf, glitter, a good wave, a good ride, their girl gang, their favorite dog. I make films that are unselfconsciously queer, unapologetically feminist; riotous and robustly unkempt.”

AMP is very proud to bring Katrina del Mar to Provincetown with a significant part of an exhibition presented earlier this year at Participant Inc. in New York. Comprised of large-scale photographs, clusters of smaller prints, films, videos, and hand-made paperback books, GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS. brings together an alluring and potent body of work, “as transcendent as it is transgressive.” (Carlo McCormick, Photograph Magazine.) The exhibition, in tandem with the Provincetown International Film Festival, will be on view at AMP June 10-July 1st.

Katrina writes about the paperback books: ”The idea that the words come from pictures: in a word, ekphrasis; is not only the description of a work of art, it is the description of my moment as a writer. The photographs hint at a story. The films become overburdened with narrative. Long after my films are finished I am writing the novels they should have been based on. I write modern myth set in urban environments. I make the work backwards. The book cover first, pulp fiction paperback style. Some are full, some are incomplete, some have yet to be written.”


Girl Gang Trilogy screenings in COPENHAGEN and CHICAGO


“New York City filmmaker, photographer, artist and producer of massive collisions of talent and beauty, Katrina del Mar, triumphs in the underground, revels in the grit and lathers on beauty…”


An explosion of rebel girls, rock’n’roll, and wheels by the noted New York underground filmmaker thought of as ‘the lesbian Russ Meyer’ and ‘Kenneth Angers lesbian stepchild’ – Katrina del Mar. For the first time in Denmark, MIX Copenhagen is proud to present the cult classic ‘Gang Girls trilogy’. Del Mar’s lady-loving, leather-clad cast are keeping the feminist/punk/DIY spirit alive as they cause an unpredictable ruckus through New York City. “None of us can do anything right but we all do it all day long!”

The films will be screened at Støberiet on Blågårds Plads.

GIRL GANG TRILOGY by Katrina del Mar
Presented as part of The GATEWAY DRUGS Series
Katrina del Mar in Person!

1084 N Milwaukee Avenue
http://nightingaletheatre.org/“Katrina del Mar’s 27 minute GANG GIRLS 2000 makes a powerful companion piece; a fiction about girl gangs (the Ponies, Glitter Girls), it depicts their antics (mostly fighting and kissing each other) by mixing black and white with color and clear close ups with fuzzier shots, edited with an excellent sense of rhythm and the erotic possibilities of brief close up images of a whip or a pair of lips. It’s light and humorous, a fantasy that moves from violence to sex rather than vice versa, drawing its energy not from single objects or figures but from connections between editing, speech rhythms, and character and camera movement.”
– The Chicago Reader

Program Details:
HELL ON WHEELS GANG GIRLS FOREVER (HDV/Super 8mm 36 minutes 2010)
SURF GANG (DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes 2005)
GANG GIRLS 2000 (Super8mm 27 minutes 1999)

Katrina del Mar is a New York-based art and commercial photographer, as well as an award winning filmmaker. Her work has been described as “beautiful” exuding an “intimate chemistry” and also as “filth of the highest quality.” Katrina directs and produces independent films, has produced television for the internet, while also covering the world of group and solo gallery shows, club installations, media design, production and publishing. Katrina has shown her work at Deitch Projects, The Museum for Contemporary Art (CAPC) in Bordeaux, France, American Fine Arts Company, Binz 39 in Switzerland, the Bass Museum of Art in Miami, the Miami Light Project, P.S. 122 in New York City, Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto Portugal, and the University of Cardiff in Wales. http://www.katrinadelmar.com/

Suggested Donation of $7-10

Thanks for Supporting Chicago Cinema.

The 20th Annual Chicago Underground Film Festival will be held March 6-10, 2013 at The Logan Theater visit http://www.cuff.org/ for more information

Katrina del Mar feature interview in Australia’s Slit Magazine

Katrina filming Gang Girls 2000 photo by Dayna Frank

Katrina filming Gang Girls 2000 photo by Dayna Frank

The Slit Interview with

Katrina del Mar


Years ago a friend arrived home with an illegal dub of a movie that I had to absolutely see now! The film Gang Girls 2000 was Katrina del Mar’s epic lesbo gang pic. Part spoof, part hot fantasy, the Super 8 short film was causing a ripple of excitement through the queer girl film scene – It didn’t disappoint. Years later, I heard a great tale of Katrina getting robbed – bag full of dubs for actresses and crew – on her way to the San Fran screening of her new surf gang film. Furious she picked up a bottle and screaming banshee style chased the would be robbers till they dropped their nabbed booty. She arrived at the opening like a true gang girl leader, bag full and heart quickend. It’s a great pleasure that we catch up with and chat about the creative world of Katrina del Mar.

Slit: We thought for Slit’s Gang Girl issue, that it’s a must to profile you with your longstanding filmography on girl gangs. From looking at your surf gang and gang
girl’s films, and your pseudo kin photography exhibitions – a running theme through your work is the idea of non-biological family or crew. What is it about crews or gangs that takes you?

Katrina del Mar: The real happy family for so many people is just a myth. I know only a handful of happy well adjusted people from happy caring biological families. -A lot of my friends because they’re queer or freaks have gone on to form their own families, where they feel accepted and even celebrated for who they are.-Also, as an artist, my aesthetic is the opposite of minimalist. I love clusters and groups of beautiful things, not just one hot girl; seven!

S: The female characters in Gang Girls 2000, and Surf Gang have a certain toughness, you feel like they’ve been around the block, cracked a few heads and have scarred hearts, where did you find your inspiration for these films?

K: These girls are my friends, they’re not actors. I’m observing what they do, how they relate to one another and to me, and I listen to the stories they tell.-I add my own feelings of rage, grief, tenderness, cockiness, and a sense of fun.-I ask them to turn it up by about 30% to make it all more entertaining and lay a story down around it like a wreath of roses.-They take it and run.

S: Where do you find your girl gang talent?

The Brooklyn Brakenecks from the forthcoming Hell on Wheels, Gang Girls Forever

The Brooklyn Brakenecks from the forthcoming Hell on Wheels, Gang Girls Forever

K: Well like I said, most of my actors are friends and friends of friends. It depends on who is available on the day we shoot!-But one time, we picked up a couple of girls in the gas station.-They were blonde girls fuelling up a white jaguar convertible.-I said “hey, you wanna be in a movie?”

S: Your work on both girl gangs and surf gang have such beautiful framing, every shot is almost a photograph. You shot Gang Girls 2000 on super 8 and then dubbed down to video to edit – have you been seduced by the ease of digital video? Or do you still prefer to shoot in film?

K: Thank you so much.-I come from being a photographer so I have that sense of framing my shot in my blood.-If it’s not spectacular and pleasing compositionally,-I won’t shoot it.-I’ll get bored within seconds, and put the camera down. Try something else. Of course, on the other hand, I really do think of myself as being like Ed Wood – (the Johnny Depp version) – “fabulous!” just happy with everything. As for video versus film, I hate the look of video, I do like the texture of film, it’s nicer and I love my little local underground film lab, the reek of chemistry and all, but now because I found a camera which, to me, looks like film, I’m happy with the video too.-I like to mix both together. I haven’t shot a full story on Super 8mm since Gang Girls, because now I have this film like video camera which I really love.

Kembra Pfahler as Sugarlips, leader of the Ponies Gang. Gang Girls 2000

Kembra Pfahler as Sugarlips, leader of the Ponies Gang. Gang Girls 2000

S: Surf Girls had an ace punk rock sound score! I believe your lover Sarah Greenwood (of vocals GSX punk NY band) wrote some of this. What was that process like? Did Sarah have a free hand to go wild! Or did you have an exact sound in mind?

K: Sarah contributed songs to the soundtrack from the GSX album and she also wrote original music for the film. I just set her loose within a framework;-you know, “I need music for when they’re jonesing for waves.” And she comes back with something amazing.-“This is a moment of mystery, a magical rebirth from the sea.”
“This is violent and sexy.” Boom. There’s the music. She’s a fucking genius.

S: Having a girlfriend in a punk rock band, have you been seduced into making the band a video clip as yet?

K: Yeah of course.-I drive my car, listen to her CD and dream up music videos. One of them is so huge and elaborate, it’s going to be a two day shoot. The one that we already did we shot it in 2 hours in an empty room.-A girl, a guitar and a half stack. Loads of headbanging. It’s called “Too Far,” I shot it on Super 8mm, so it’s got that nasty beautiful black and white grain.

S: Your work covers both still images and film – are you drawn to one medium more than the other?

K: I like still images because they are that. Still.-I tend to keep, despite this mad rush of busy life in New York City, quietly within me a secret desire for alchemy, to discover the essence of the moment and hold it up for examination and contemplation. See! But what happens is, if the picture is rich enough, one begins to wonder what the story is. That’s what began to happen with my pictures.-I saw the potential for a story.-And I always liked to make picture books. Movies were naturally a progression from that.-I’ve been making movies for a few years now, and lately I’m returning to the still image. My hope is that the two media will inform and feed one another.

S: “It appears Ms. Del Mar is the lesbian stepchild of Kenneth Anger.” – Aaron Krach, LGNY Film. I love this review how did you feel when you got this
one, do you like the inference you are carrying on the line of great queer erotic movies? Were Kenneth Anger films an inspiration for you?

K: You know I always knew who he was by reading about his work, but I had never seen any of it, I was just mesmerized by the titles! Finally I went to a screening of “Lucifer Rising” and I was all “oh! I totally see it!”- There’s this obsessive looking thing going on, this fetishization of the ordinary accoutrements of sexy people.- To me,
it’s total pervert stuff. The way you stare at a beautiful mouth, and then the zipper, the boots, back to the mouth.-It’s so sexy!- I really like looking at and playing up the relationship of people to their favourite objects.

S: I saw you are in Jasmine Hirst’s – I’m a huge fan of her work – Superstar Series of photography portraits along side Chrissy Amphlett, Penny Arcade, Vali Myers and Nan Goldin. How did this come about?

K: Her work is amazing. I met Jasmine about two years ago here in NYC, she came here to do some work, and we’ve totally hit it off.-She told me she’d seen my work at a screening a few years back before we knew each other and she was really impressed. We have a huge mutual admiration society going on over here, and are talking about collaborating somehow.

S: I read you were involved in a benefit recently for the New Jersey 4 at X Party. I hadn’t heard of this case – of four young afro dykes who got 3-11 years for defending
themselves against a homophobic attack – were called a “lesbian gang” by the NY post and told by the judge you make our city unsafe for tourists. It’s such a shocking
racist, sexist and leso phobic story. What drove you to get involved in this benefit? Is there a lot of anger about their sentences?

K: I read their story and was immediately with them in my heart.-I know that story, I understand that rage!- I’ve done pushbacks on obnoxious fucking guys myself many times and felt it was just my right.-How DARE they speak to me like that.-For me, it’s a kind of elitism as a female. I have a sense of entitlement as a woman to be treated with absolute respect by males.-Is that wrong? That guy deserved the beat down he got and he’s a pussy to go prosecute those persecuted women. I hope he
gets what he deserves.

S: You seem really connected with the queer girl scene in NYC from your stills on flyers for punk girl band gigs such as- “heavy eyeliner” to film/vid installations at
clubs like X Party. What keeps you involved?

K: You sure have your finger on the throbbing pulse of downtown NYC!- I like to be a part of the party, man! My friend Dee Finley promotes X Party which is always fun and creative crazy and sort of punk rock (just like Dee), so it’s fun for me to help out with the imagery.- I love our community, I want to promote it and help it flourish add some creative visuals. Also, having a venue for a film is helpful to get me to make one. Recently I did a film for Halloween night film show where the only rule was that Lola RocknRolla had to be in it and had to die at the end, so I made this really bizarre and bloody vampire film one evening.

S: You work professionally as a studio manager at Nan Goldins studio. Wow is that really the artist Nan Goldin? I saw her retrospective in Paris years ago it
was amazing! Has her drive rubbed off on you? You seem prolific so I think so! Has she given you any good tips, pitfalls for young artists to watch for and

K: Nan Goldin is totally inspiring to me, she is always taking new pictures, always working.- She’s completely hilarious and incredibly smart.- She’s given me so much I think it’s going to take years to unfold the experience of working with her for just a year.- What’s amazing to me about her is that she really lives her work in an unfiltered way. It’s unfailingly unblinkingly almost excruciatingly real.- Her advice to me has been to get rid of all the props.-She says she likes my work a lot, so that’s very encouraging.-She even said my vampire movie was “radical” and “groundbreaking,” so that’s extremely encouraging.

S: Your new short experimental film “Punchin & Cussin” has had a few outings, will it be doing the queer film circuit?

K: Well I’ve been busy at work so I may have missed a few film fest deadlines, but I’d like to get the new short films around. I made four last year – “Punchin & Cussin”,- “A Beautiful Death”, “Do You Have a Lover” (music video for Sandra Grace) & “Too Far” (the music video for GSX / Sarah Greenwood).

S: What projects do you have in the pipeline?

K: My next big project besides making a book of my photographs (I’m trying to think of an appropriate title!) is to make a feature length lesbian vampire movie and I’m also collaborating with Genevieve Pavitt of Hooray for Goodbye on a feature film that’s a gay sci fi thriller.

S: And for the record can you tell us two of your favourite erotic film scenes? Only one can be your own?

K: My favourite erotic scene lately is from My Summer of Love;- the scene with Emily Blunt riding the horse. One from mine is the Glitter Girls pillowfight victory makeout party.

To see more of Katrina del Mar’s work, and her catalogue of books, videos, tshirts and art prints, check out