New (Birth of Stars)

Witness the birth of stars in massive jets light years away and our sun appearing as a circle encompassing all of space with the brightest bits like burning shards touching, then darkening, then piercing through the retina; increasing its afterlife in darkness.
I felt this I feel it now like a plane crash in a cursed place and the resonance of ten and twenty thousand deaths. It makes a groaning sound the earth shudders and the wind sighs over it with a thin whisper, weak. It’s morning somewhere but it’s dark in these eyes. A protest erupts in my heart and I cannot be still. Great moving things displace the water in the depths and my heart cannot be still. I picture you standing up then falling, and my heart cannot be still.
There is a depth of terror that can only given in hints; in part, creation exists only with destruction, all absolutes and certainties are erased and the abyss is in me, not still.