Documentary about Surfing in Rockaway

Katrina del Mar “Made in NY”

I recently had the pleasure to see the premiere of Elisa Garcia Bates’  documentary film “AWAY” about women who surf Rockaway in NYC. As one of the subjects of  the film, I was pleased to be in attendance along with a lot of long term die hard NYC surfers including Mary Leonard and Jee Mee Kim, who are also featured in the film. It premiered at the New York Surf Film Festival in September.

<p><a href=”″>AWAY Teaser Trailer</a> from <a href=””>Elisa Bates</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

I was excited to be asked to participate in the project. And I loved reconnecting with George Bates, who shot the water camera footage from which these stills were taken. I’ve known George since we were just 19 or 20. He’s a gifted illustrator and a great surfer. We had a lot of fun out surfing these little longboard waves.

Katrina surfs Rockaway

Katrina surfs Rockaway

Girl Gang Trilogy screenings in COPENHAGEN and CHICAGO


“New York City filmmaker, photographer, artist and producer of massive collisions of talent and beauty, Katrina del Mar, triumphs in the underground, revels in the grit and lathers on beauty…”


An explosion of rebel girls, rock’n’roll, and wheels by the noted New York underground filmmaker thought of as ‘the lesbian Russ Meyer’ and ‘Kenneth Angers lesbian stepchild’ – Katrina del Mar. For the first time in Denmark, MIX Copenhagen is proud to present the cult classic ‘Gang Girls trilogy’. Del Mar’s lady-loving, leather-clad cast are keeping the feminist/punk/DIY spirit alive as they cause an unpredictable ruckus through New York City. “None of us can do anything right but we all do it all day long!”

The films will be screened at Støberiet on Blågårds Plads.

GIRL GANG TRILOGY by Katrina del Mar
Presented as part of The GATEWAY DRUGS Series
Katrina del Mar in Person!

1084 N Milwaukee Avenue“Katrina del Mar’s 27 minute GANG GIRLS 2000 makes a powerful companion piece; a fiction about girl gangs (the Ponies, Glitter Girls), it depicts their antics (mostly fighting and kissing each other) by mixing black and white with color and clear close ups with fuzzier shots, edited with an excellent sense of rhythm and the erotic possibilities of brief close up images of a whip or a pair of lips. It’s light and humorous, a fantasy that moves from violence to sex rather than vice versa, drawing its energy not from single objects or figures but from connections between editing, speech rhythms, and character and camera movement.”
– The Chicago Reader

Program Details:
HELL ON WHEELS GANG GIRLS FOREVER (HDV/Super 8mm 36 minutes 2010)
SURF GANG (DV/Super 8mm 24 minutes 2005)
GANG GIRLS 2000 (Super8mm 27 minutes 1999)

Katrina del Mar is a New York-based art and commercial photographer, as well as an award winning filmmaker. Her work has been described as “beautiful” exuding an “intimate chemistry” and also as “filth of the highest quality.” Katrina directs and produces independent films, has produced television for the internet, while also covering the world of group and solo gallery shows, club installations, media design, production and publishing. Katrina has shown her work at Deitch Projects, The Museum for Contemporary Art (CAPC) in Bordeaux, France, American Fine Arts Company, Binz 39 in Switzerland, the Bass Museum of Art in Miami, the Miami Light Project, P.S. 122 in New York City, Wrong Weather Gallery in Porto Portugal, and the University of Cardiff in Wales.

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University of Stonybrook Cheerleaders boost Katrina del Mar up into the air. Swiss artist Elianna Renner invited me to help her with a multimedia project involving cheerleaders. Once our shoot was through, we had a little fun. On the far left is American Cheerleader cover girl Lenee Passiglia

Girl Gang Trilogy Screening in London

Katrina filming Gang Girls 2000 photo by Dayna Frank

SATURDAY, 14th April, 10.45pm
Hackney Picturehouse, 270 Mare Street, London E8 1HE
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‘None of us can do anything right but we all do it all day long!’

‘None of us can do anything right but we all do it all day long!’ Katrina Del Mar’s explosive Girl Gangs trilogy rolls into Hackney Picture House for a special screening in association with theLondon Rollergirls, who will be bringing a whole lot of attitude, a Q&A and a few derby themed shorts. We watch Del Mar’s lady-loving, leather-clad cast keeping the feminist/punk/DIY spirit alive as they cause an unpredictable ruckus through New York state. Returning from a mysterious accident that left her wheelchair bound, Crank is forced to click up quick when her gang abandons her in ‘Hell On Wheels: Gang Girls Forever!’ Will she get revenge? Two orphan sisters start a turf war on the beach in ‘Surf Gang: Ruffnecks Vs. Ungratefuls’ and four girl gangs clash and rumble through the Lower East Side in ‘Gang Girls 2000.’ Girl-on-girl solidarity lies at the heart of this trilogy. If you can roll with it, you’re in!

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