Making a film in two days

I had the pleasure to conduct the first ever “Queer feminist Trash Film Workshop with Katrina del Mar” at the University of the Arts (Hochschule für Künste Bremen) in Bremen, Germany organized by Daniela Wustenberg, co-organizer & curator of the Queerfilm Festival of Bremen.

In two days, the participants in the film workshop wrote, shot, edited and publicly screened a short film.

Senya & Ray Dee as Runaway & Sailorboy

On the first day, Daniela introduced me to the class of about 15 students and artists. I explained how my films get made and showed some excerpts. I talked about influences and some of the motifs of trash films, guerilla filmmaking, D.I.Y. sensibility and the pure hype sensationalism of B-Movies. Everyone then introduced themselves and gave a list of any special talents or skills they might have (these included law, screenprinting, tattooing, kung fu, theater, performance, costume design, graphic design, photography and music). Then everyone indicated whether they preferred to act on camera or be crew.

We then set to work collectively writing a story based on the participants skills and desires and the locations and props available to us within the area.
What we had around the workshop actually proved to be pretty astounding. There was a circus nearby. And a harbor. And a carnival. We had willing and talented actors and an amazing abundance of creative ideas.
The story was written before lunch, and at lunch people went home to get costumes and props while I stayed on and quickly sketched out storyboards.
After lunch, we split into two groups; one for interiors and one smaller group filmed exteriors. We finished shooting at about 6pm. A few of us reconvened later in the evening to film scenes at the local carnival.

Eike & Annie at the Freimaak Carnival

The next day we split into groups again. The one student who knew Final Cut Pro started editing, others continued filming while others began working on poster designs based on still photos taken the day before. We also settled on a title for the film, “Runaway & Sailorboy” (although “Sinister Circus” was a close runner up)
I then joined in the editing room and helped to edit down a rough cut as shooting continued.
We screened a rough cut of the movie the same night, after the “Night of the Gang Girls” film screening at Kino 46.
Still Photos from “Runaway & Sailor Boy” (aka Sinister Circus) a short film written, produced, shot edited and publicly screened (rough cut) in two days (!!!) by the participants of the Queer feminist Trash Film Workshop with Katrina del Mar at the Hochschule der Künste Bremen / Academy of Fine Arts Bremen
With help from the Rosa-Luxemburg-Initiative Bremen and masterminded by Hank Bobbit aka Daniela Wusterberg & Elianna Satanowskowa

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it’s free but you gotta come to Bremen!

October 15-16 Hochschule der Künste Bremen / Academy of Fine Arts Bremen

Am Speicher XI Nr. 8


Bremen October 16, 2010, Saturday 10:30PM. The 17th Bremen Queer Film Festival at Kino 46
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000”, “A Beautiful Death” & “Punchin & Cussin” and other short films!
There will be a Q&A after the films with the director.

Berlin Tuesday, October 19, 2010 8:30pm SILVERFUTURE
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!
There will be a Q&A after the films with the director.
20h30 weserstr, 206/ U8 + U7 Hermannplatz
RSVP via the facebook event here:

Berlin Wednesday, October 20, 2010 8:30pm FAB LAB
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!
The director will be present.
20h30 Muskauer Str. 49 / close to Lausitzer Platz / U1 Gšrlitzer Bahnhof

Hamburg Saturday, October 23, 2010 10:30pm Lesbisch Schwule Filmtage Hamburg
also showing: “Gang Girls 2000” & “SURF GANG” and other short films!
There will be a Q&A after the films with the director.

Indianapolis November 12-14 2010 Indianapolis LGBT Film Festival at Indianapolis Museum of Art.
Director & some cast members will be present! Screenings co-presented with the local Indianapolis Roller Derby Team the Naptown Roller Girls