“Brooklyn Girls” in Queens!

“Brooklyn Girls” is screening at at the Queens Museum of Art 3-5pm with Cinemarosa! see details at cinemarosa.org

Fall 2009 Season Premiere
Queers in the City

Selection of shorts from independent local filmmakers

Back To Life -Dirs. Desi del Valle & Hollie Lemarr, USA, 2009, 12 min.
A woman grieves the death of her girlfriend only after experiencing the vulnerability of sleeping with her best friend.

Brooklyn Girls -Dir. Katrina Del Mar, USA, 2009, 3 min.
All the prettiest girls live in Brooklyn! Breakout Brooklyn Band, Hooray for Goodbye’s sing-along single “Brooklyn Girls” starring Genny Slag, Marz Mikeo, Sora An, Wendy Kidd, see the girl on the corner like a math problem, makes me wish I would have stayed in school!! Featuring the whole gang of Williamsburg hip chicks…riding bikes, shooting craps, playing ice hockey and making out! Fun!!

Hooray for Goodbye "Brooklyn Girls" Video Still directed by Katrina del Mar

Hooray for Goodbye "Brooklyn Girls" Video Still directed by Katrina del Mar

Don’t Bring Scott -Dir. David Pavloski, USA, 2008, 31 min.
A biographical portrait of the director’s family and their acceptance for his partner. Filmed over several years, Pavloski manages to capture the complex relationship with his parents and siblings while making the decision to bring his partner to a family gathering.

Even In My Dream -Dir. Flavio Alves, USA, 2008, 8 min.
Michael, an elderly widower meets the “doll” of his dreams while passing by a sex shop. His fascination with the exciting figure awakens dormant erotic desires, and a sexual discovery at the end of a lifetime of sexual repression.

Human -Dir. Aaron Cobbett, USA, 2008, 5 min.
Bringing the “fairy” back in “fairy tale” Ari Gold transports himself to a world where Little Red Riding Hood meets E.T., where Narcissus doesn’t drown in his image but makes art with it, a world where what makes us human is something more intangible and magical than anything we can imagine. A reworking of the Human League hit transformed into a human rights anthem.

The Red Stitches -Dir. Todd Goings, USA, 2008, 12 min.
Behind the scenes of a slasher film, unexpected connections are revealed between the fear and excitement involved with scary movies and first time sexual experiences.

Weak Species -Dir. Dan Faltz, USA, 2009, 34 min.
Steve and George are part of a frightening food chain. High school rivals, each gravitates toward sex and violence in an attempt to feel. Their downward spirals could lead them to self-destruction.

We Belong -Dir. Dean Hammer & Joe Wilson, USA, 2009, 11 min.
The story of two rural teens who had the courage to stand up to bigotry and intolerance in their schools – and the determination to tell their stories to the world.

Directions to QMA: E, F, V, R Trains to 74th Street & Roosevelt Avenue, change for #7 Train. Exit at Willest Point/Shea Stadium, walk in the direction of the park. Museum is located in front of the metal structure, the Unisphere.